Severe pediatric Graves orbitopathy in adolescents of African origin

Andrea Papp, Clemence Vasserot-Merle, Guido Dorner, Dion Paridaens

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This article reports on two cases of severe pediatric Graves orbitopathy (GO) in two adolescents of African origin. Two black male adolescents presented with highly active GO and signs of beginning compressive optic neuropathy. Neither of them were smokers nor had a family history of GO. Besides urgent referral to pediatric endocrinologists, intravenous methylprednisolon pulse therapy was initiated. In spite of the fluctuating thyroid hormone levels in the initial phase of antithyroid therapy, intravenous steroid administration stopped the progression of malignant GO rapidly in both of our patients without any considerable side effects. Although the course of GO during childhood is considered to be mild, severe, sight threatening GO-requiring immunosuppression-may occur at young age, as in the reported adolescent patients of African descent.

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TijdschriftOrbit (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
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StatusGepubliceerd - dec 2016


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