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Name:                         Hans G. Lemij

Date of birth:              14th July 1960

Place of birth:             Point Fortin (Trinidad and Tobago)

Nationality:                 Dutch

Marital status:             Married, 2 children (daughter, born 1994, son, born 1996)

Academic titles:          MD, PhD

Occupation:                Ophthalmologist

Address (W):              The Rotterdam Eye Hospital

                                    Schiedamsevest 180

                                    3011 BH  Rotterdam

                                    The Netherlands

                                    Phone: +31-10-4017777

                                    E-mail: [email protected]

Address (H):               Burgemeester de Villeneuvesingel 7

                                    3055 AL Rotterdam

                                    The Netherlands

                                    Phone: +31-10-4614465

                                    E-mail: [email protected]


Pre-academic training:

Lemij went to various primary schools in several countries, since his parents worked with an international oil company. His secondary school was the Rijnlands Lyceum in Wassenaar, The Netherlands.


Academic and medical training:

1978 - 1985                 Medical school at the State University of Leiden, The Netherlands. Lemij graduated cum laude.

1985 - 1987                 Military service in the Royal Dutch Navy, largely as a resident in Psychiatry at the Marine Hospitaal (Navy Hospital), Overveen, The Netherlands.

1987 - 1989                 PhD-student at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He worked at the Department of Physiology I, super­vised by Prof. H. Collewijn. Lemij's research was into the con­jugacy of saccadic eye movements. More specifically, Lemij ex­amined adap­tation of the human saccadic oculomotor system to anisometropic spectacles requir­ing nonconjugate saccades. Lemij graduated cum laude. His thesis was awarded with the Hamburger prize, as well as the Binkhorst prize.

1989 - 1993                 Residency in ophthalmology at the Rotterdam Eye Hospital, Rot­terdam, The Netherlands. The head of the residency program­me was G.S. Baarsma, MD. Dur­ing the residency, Lemij be­came increas­ing­ly inter­ested in glaucoma.

1993                            Lemij spent 3 months visiting various glaucoma specialists in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and The Netherlands.

1993 - date                  Lemij joined the faculty of The Rotterdam Eye Hospital as a glaucoma specialist and as an anterior segment surgeon. He was the Scientific Director of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital till 2009. He served on the Rotterdam Eye Hospital’s Science Committee. This committee was renamed into the Institutional Review Board after a merger with the hospital’s Medical Ethics Committee in January 2004. Lemij’s own research activities initially focussed on the oculomotor system, but more recently on glaucoma. In glaucoma, most early research was into scanning laser polarimetry, a technique that determines in vivo the thickness of the retinal nerve fiber layer, a thin tissue that is affected in glaucoma. Lately, several other imaging technologies used in glaucoma have been added to his research activities. He has also developed an interest in shared glaucoma care, i.e., delegating clinical tasks to other eye care professionals, optometrists and technicians, both within and outside the hospital setting. In 2004, he extended his research activities to genetic epidemiology of glaucoma. In addi­tion, Lemij regularly ­gives courses in glaucoma and perimetry to oph­thal­mologists, residents and ophthal­mic technicians throughout The Netherlands and abroad. The clinical use of structural imaging (stereoscopic fundus photography, scanning laser polarimetry and optical coherence tomography) are other topics of his regular courses.  He established and chaired the Dutch Humphrey Perimeter Users Society; this society changed its name in 2008 to the Stichting Anatomy and Function of the Eye (SAFE), in order to also pay attention to imaging technologies in the management of glaucoma. Lemij is the president of SAFE. He also chairs the Dutch Glaucoma Group (a group of glaucoma specialists and ophthalmologists with a special interest in glaucoma in the Netherlands). He established the Imaging Morphometry Association for Glaucoma in Europe (IMAGE) in 2002. He helped establish the Glaucoma Genetic Epidemiology Network in Europe (GlaucoGENE) in 2004. From 2006 till 2010, he was a visiting Professor at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.

1998 – 2004                Lemij chaired the Medical Ethics Committee of The Rotterdam Eye Hospital. As mentioned earlier, this committee changed into the Institutional Review Board in January 2004.

2009                            Lemij became vice-chair and secretary of the medical faculty of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital. He also joined the advisory board of Health Base, the publisher of “Commentaren Medicatiebewaking”, a reference manual for Dutch pharmacists.

2010                            Lemij became a member of the Glaucoma Experts Committee of the European Institute of Vision (EVI).

2011                            Lemij joined the Advisory Board of the review journal Framingham on ophthalmology.

2011                            Lemij joined the European Advisory Board of Laboratoires Théa.

2013 through 2019      Lemij was elected as chair of the medical faculty of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital. The medical faculty of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital consists of 36 ophthalmologists, working in 4 locations: the Rotterdam Eye Hospital, as well as in 3 other franchise locations, within general hospitals in the Rotterdam area: the Sint Franciscus Gasthuis, the Havenziekenhuis and the IJsselland Ziekenhuis. The number of collaborating hospitals is expected to grow.

2015 through 2019      Lemij served as a Medical Director of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital. In addition, he continued seeing and operating on glaucoma and cataract patients.




Additional training/courses

1988                            Cambridge Proficiency Certificate in English (level C2 of the Council                              of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference for                                            Languages)

1998 – 1999                Curriculum for Living (Landmark Education)

1999                            Communication courses CAP/CPP (Landmark Education)

2000                            Effective Negotiating (Karrass Europe Limited)

2005-2007                  French conversation lessons (Alliance Française)

2007- 2010                 Italian conversation lessons (various teachers)

2009                            Medical management (Management voor medici; Academie voor medisch specialisten)

2010                            Major Incident Medical Management and Support (MIMMS; Advanced Life Support Group NL)

2010 - date                  French conversation lessons (Katiuscia Siddi, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy;

2010 - date                  Italian conversation lessons (Katiuscia Siddi, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy;

2011                            One price fits all? (Medical finance; Medilex, Zeist, The Netherlands)

2012                            Preventief en curatief omgaan met disfunctioneren (Medilex, Utrecht, The Netherlands)

2012 - 2013                 Norwegian conversation lessons (Silje Linn Moss, Bergen, Norway, Skapago)

2013                            Brazilian Portuguese conversation lessons (Mau Buchler,  Sao Paolo, Brazil)

2013                            Giving feedback to medical residents (KNMG, The Netherlands)

2013 - 2014                 Stafvoorzittersgroep bij Damhuis, Elshout en Verschuren. Intervisie voor voorzitters van medische staven

2014                            Erasmus Medical Centre Leadership Programme

2014                            Course in Situational Leadership

2015 -2016                  Intervisiegroep voor cobestuurders bij Damhuis, Elshout en Verschuren



List of publications (peer-reviewed, full papers only)


Lemij HG, Collewijn H. Differences in accuracy of human saccades between stationary and jumping targets. Vision Research. 1989; 29: 1737-1748.


Lemij HG. Asymmetrical adaptation of human saccades to anisometropic spectacles. 1990: Doctoral thesis, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Ne­therlands.


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Lemij HG, Collewijn H. Nonconjugate adaptation of human saccades to aniso­metropic spectacles: meridian-specificity. Vision Research. 1992; 32: 453-464.


Van den Bosch WA, Lemij HG. Blepharoptosis by prolonged hard contact lens wear. Ophthalmology. 1992; 99: 1759-1765.


Van Nouhuys HM, Van den Bosch WA, Lemij HG, Mooy CM. Floppy eyelid syndrome associated with Demodex Brevis. Orbit. 1994; 13: 125-129.


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Tjon-Fo-Sang MJ, De Vries J, Lemij HG. Measurement by Nerve Fiber Analy­zer of retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in normal subjects and patients with ocular hyper­tension. American Journal of Ophthalmology. 1996; 122: 220-227.


Tjon-Fo-Sang MJ, Lemij HG. The sensitivity and specificity of nerve fiber layer measure­ments with scanning laser polarimetry. American Journal of Ophthalmology. 1997; 123: 62-69.


Tjon-Fo-Sang MJ, De Vries J, Van Strik R, Lemij HG. Improved reproducibility of measu­rements with the Nerve Fiber Analyzer. Journal of Glaucoma. 1997; 6: 203-211.


Tjon-Fo-Sang MJ, Lemij HG. Retinal nerve fiber layer measurements in normal black subjects as determined with scanning laser polarimetry. Oph­thalmology. 1998; 105: 78-81.



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