Lateral sliding flap for one-step reconstruction of medium-sized eyelid defects.

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Background/purpose: To report the results of our clinical study on the efficacy of a ‘Lateral Sliding Flap’: A one-step technique for lower or upper eyelid reconstruction.
Methods: Retrospective analysis of a consecutive case series of patients treated with a ‘Lateral Sliding Flap’ following tumour removal by horizontal block excision. In this technique a (medium-sized) defect of up to 50% of the eyelid was reconstructed by disinsertion of the lateral canthus, medial advancement of the lateral (remaining) (full-thickness) eyelid and a laterally-based horizontal skin-muscle advancement flap, followed by canthal fixation. We recorded the operating time and evaluated the postoperative eyelid apposition, lid contour, complications and frequency and type of re-operation. The outcome was scored (according to four grades (excellent/good/fair/poor) of lid apposition and contour.
Results: Seven consecutive patients, all treated by one oculoplastic surgeon in one year, were included. Six were female, one was male. Five had lower eyelid defects, two had upper eyelid defects of 40-50% of the horizontal width. The average age was 67,9 years, ranging from 52 to 85 years. The mean postoperative follow-up time was 31 months, ranging from 21-43 months. The average duration of the reconstruction was 31 minutes (ranging from 25 to 38 minutes). The outcome was excellent in 3 patients, good in 3 patients and fair
in one patient. (Some) lash loss may be encountered. No complications such as flap ischemia of necrosis were noted. No re-operation was required.
Conclusion: The ‘Lateral Sliding Flap’ is an efficaceous, one-step technique for reconstruction of defects of up to 50% of the lower or upper eyelid. With the technique a normal eyelid margin is created at the level of the cornea for optimal visual function and comfort. Compared to Tenzel’s semicircular rotation flap, the ‘lateral sliding flap’ results in a shorter vertical scar and “Hidden” horizontal scars in the relaxed skin tension lines
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1069
JournalJournal of Clinical Images and Medical Case Reports
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2021


  • Eyelid reconstruction
  • One-step
  • Lateral sliding flap


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